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How Does it Work?

Women and couples attend an Introductory Session for the Creighton Model System followed by eight Follow Up Sessions with their FertilityCare Practitioner (FCP) within the first year of charting. Each Follow Up Session is scheduled privately with the FCP and is tailored to the woman or couple’s individual situation. After the first year of charting, touch base meetings are scheduled every 6-12 months on an as-needed basis.

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Introductory Sessions

The Creighton Model Introductory Session is a 90 minute presentation taught by one of our FertilityCare Practitioners. This may be offered as a private session, or in a group setting with other women and couples. The Introductory Session reviews basic human anatomy and physiology and provides an overview of the Creighton Method. It does not discuss the specifics of charting and is intended to be paired with individualized follow up sessions.

Follow Up Appointments

Follow Up appointments are where you will begin to learn about your own unique cycle. Your FertilityCare Practitioner (FCP) will discuss how to identify various signs of fertility and infertility, and how to document these observations in an objective manner. Your chart will be closely monitored for patterns that may indicate a reproductive health concern, and your FCP will continue to walk with you as you work with a Creighton-trained physician if necessary. Married couples will also be instructed on how to time intercourse to meet their family planning goals during these meetings.


There are typically eight Follow Ups planned within the first year of charting. The first four meetings are each scheduled two weeks apart, and then begin to gradually space out until you are comfortable with only meeting with your FCP every 6-12 months for Cycle Reviews.

Cycle Reviews

Cycle Reviews are abbreviated Follow Up appointments where you can touch base with your FCP just to review and ask questions about your chart. Cycle Reviews are scheduled every 6-12 months after completing the first eight Follow Ups, or on an as needed basis when a woman is experiencing a change such as in the postpartum phase or while breastfeeding.


Pregnancy Evaluations

Pregnancy Evaluations are optional appointments that review the cyclical events leading up to conception so that the couple can accurately date their pregnancy. Most doctor’s offices date pregnancies based on the woman’s last menstrual period and the size of the baby on ultrasound, however, couples who chart the woman’s cycles with Creighton will know exactly when she ovulated, which assists in determining the most accurate due date.


Physician Referrals

FertilityCare Practitioners (FCPs) work closely with local medical doctors who have also completed training in the Creighton Method. If your FCP identifies a dysfunctional pattern in your charting, you may be referred to one of the collaborating physicians to determine and correct the underlying cause.

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